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Fascinating Facts...
5W has around 2200 members in over 70 countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe
The northernmost member lives within the Arctic Circle in Norway
The southernmost lives in Santa Cruz, Argentina
More than 100 languages are spoken from Arabic to Zulu

A truly 'active' membership...
Our members contact the 5W office every year to renew their membership, ensuring that the information contained on the membership list is as up-to-date as possible

In what countries do 5W members live and how many are there in each?
The world distribution as at May 2014 was 2182 members in 74 countries

Algeria 1, Argentina 10, Australia 536, Austria 28, Belarus 1, Belgium 31, Botswana 1, Brazil 1, Bulgaria 1,Cameroon 1, Canada 123, Chile 2, China PR 2, Croatia 3, Cuba 2, Cyprus 1, Czech Republic 5, Denmark 16, Ecuador 1, Ethiopia 2, Finland 28, France 36, Germany 256, Ghana 4, Greece 4, Hungary 20, India 2, Indonesia 1, Iran 1, Ireland 7, Israel 2, Italy 2, Japan 63, Kazakhstan 1, Kenya 11, Latvia 1, Lithuania 2, Luxembourg 2, Macedonia 1, Madagascar 1, Malaysia 3, Mali 1, Mexico 4, Morocco 1, Netherlands 10, New Caledonia 1, New Zealand 46, Norway 9, Pakistan 1, Palestine 2, Philippines 1, Poland 2, Portugal 3, Puerto Rico 1, Romania 16, Russia 14, Sierra Leone 1, Singapore 1, Slovakia 1, Slovenia 2, South Africa 9, Spain 16, Sri Lanka 5, Sweden 29, Switzerland 49, Tanzania 4, Trinidad 1, Turkey 1, UAE 1, Uganda 2, Ukraine 8, UK 433, USA 283, Zimbabwe 8

5W Local Groups Around the World ....

These are arranged by local members for all 5W members and visitors. You can meet for coffee, visit places of interest and make new friends. Attending a Local Group meeting or event is the perfect introduction into the 5W world, where you will find members eager to share their experiences and offer advice on making the most of your membership.

Check to see if there is a Local Group in your area - Argentinian Groups in Buenos Aires and Chubut, Australian Groups in Adelaide, Canberra,: Darwin, Lake Macquarie, Port Macquarie, South East Queensland, Sydney, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia, Belgium, Canadian Groups in Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area, Finland, German Groups in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Kassel, Munich, Dusseldorf/Niederrhein and Stuttgart, Hungary, Japanese Groups in Tokai and Chiba, Kenya Kisumu Lake Group, Swedish Groups in Helsingborg and Stockholm, Switzerland, Scotland, UK Groups in Cambridge, Chilterns, Devon, East Midlands, Kent, London, North East England, Portsmouth, Surrey, Sussex, Welsh Borders, Wessex and West Midlands, USA Groups in Boston, California, Midwest/Great Lakes and Minnesota.

If you would like to contact a 5W member from your local area before you decide to join, please use the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page, specifying the name of the Local Group.

What Is a Trust...?
The women who oversee the work of 5W have formed a "Trust" - a non-profit Trust. They ensure that 5W works according to the "Deed of Trust" and are called "Trustees". They come from many countries. Their names and addresses are printed on the front page of the Membership List.
Every member is asked to sign an undertaking that she will not allow unauthorised access to her Membership List. To give names away is a civil offence in the United Kingdom; to sell them is a criminal offence.
The Board of Trustees will take appropriate legal action if there is any abuse of the Membership List.
Each member is responsible for safeguarding the good reputation of 5W, which exists to enable members to travel with confidence throughout the world.
It is appropriate that 5W should be constituted as a Trust, as every member needs to be able to trust all the others.

Please note the 5W Office is normally open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am to 3.30pm. There is an out of hours answerphone for any messages.



5W, 88 Easton Street, High Wycombe, Bucks HP11 1LT, UK

01494 465441

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